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We started our adventure as entrepreneurs in 2005. Small business was a perfect way to direct an overflow of ambition and energy and we have been carving our way ever since. 

Over the last 15 years we have developed businesses in a wide variety of industries ranging from vending, Vegas tours, window repair, school fundraising programs, construction contracting, international tourism projects, and several other online endeavors. 

We’ve learned what it takes to make it in today’s competitive markets, by experiencing both sides of the fence, working as both operators and marketers.

A deep rooted enjoyment for websites and marketing led us into the digital marketing industry over 5 years ago where we found a heavy interest in SEO and Google marketing. Since then, we have developed proprietary SEO products used by over 250+ digital marketing agencies & freelancers.

We eventually shifted full focus to local business lead generation as it’s a wonderful  way to combine all elements of what we love to do, allowing us to play a part and connect with many businesses at once.

Our full time dedication is to be on the leading edge of what’s producing the best results for businesses. It’s a never ending task and we take great enthusiasm and pride in our position as experts in the industry.

You’d be astounded by what a few well-implemented digital marketing strategies can do. Companies can completely dominate their market through a simple marketing funnel or by ranking for just a small handful of the right keywords. The power of proper digital marketing is unreal, and more important now than ever. 

– Trevor Hawley, Founder

Meet The Founders

Jackson Stoddard

Sales & Operations

Currently in school for a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Jackson is a collegiate athlete and has been an entrepreneur since he was 16 years old. Finding a passion for the internet at a young age, Jackson discovered Search Engine Optimization when he was 19, and has been implementing his strategies for small businesses ever since.

Jackson has a passion for people and relationships, with a strong belief you should leave every person or situation better than how it was found. He works personally with many of our clients, and always starts business relationships with the clients best interest in mind.

Trevor Hawley

Business Development & Operations

Trevor’s passion for business, innovation, marketing and product development have defined his role as a catalyst in the growth and development in over a dozen businesses. 

Trevor maintains a leading edge in Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing strategies through advanced systems development and constant testing. His proprietary SEO products have been used by over 250 marketing agencies and freelancers throughout the US and has spearheaded over 100 local business campaigns in 2019.

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